Multi-Sport Adventure Packages - SAVE $$$$

Pedal through the George WAshington Jefferson Nation Forest, hike the Appalachian Trail paddle the whitewater of the scenic James River or sea kayak on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. How about rock climbing or ice climbing? All in the same trip! OWLS has been doing resort based multi sport trips for over a decade, combining several activities on a single day or multi-day trip. You can even play golf and ski in the same day at Wintergreen Resort while participating in an OWLS Multisport Vacation.

It doesn't matter if you've never ridden a mountain bike, climbed a mountain, or paddled a kayak. Our guides are expert and certified instructors. Our activities are designed so both beginners and seasoned "veterans" can enjoy the same trip. All courses are custom designed so we can mix and match almost any of our activities to meet your needs.

The BEST PART is the discount! When we design a multi sport program for you or your group the prices go down from our published rates. The more programs you do the better the value.