Ice Climbing -

Have you always wondered what it was like to climb a frozen water fall?  Well, here is your opportunity.  Let the expert OWLS instructors teach you the techniques of climbing vertical ice efficiently and gracefully.  We will start you slowly with crampon technique and perfecting your ice axe swing.  If you have never climbed before, no problem, we will go over proper belaying technique, harness wearing and adjustment, and knot craft.

Take your climbing to a whole new level and enjoy the feeling of getting vertical in the winter.  Call us and ask about our weekend trips in search of ice throughout the Mid Atlantic Montana and the Northeast.

Time: Weather dependent, call Virginia Office.
Place: Weather dependent, Selected Areas Central Virginia anywhere in the Northeast, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, or North Carolina, Hyalite Canyon, Montana
Age: 17 and Older
Cost: $220 Per Person (for one), $120 each for two, $100 each for three.
Reservation: Required

Maximum Guide to Client Ratio:  3:1

Provided: All climbing equipment is included (climbing shoes, harness, helmets, ropes, mountaineering boots, crampons, ice tools, etc.)

Required Equipment:  Day pack, waterproof clothing appropriate for the winter, warm layers (no cotton), two pairs of gloves, two pairs of socks, balaclava, two hats, water, and food.  We can help you with any outerwear questions.
Contact: Virginia Office 406-920-2808